Data Management

At MyFitnessPal, our mission is to advice you forth your fettle and wellness adventure and we appetite you to accept ascendancy over your Claimed Data that you accommodate to us over the advance of that journey.

This Abstracts Administration folio will accord you advice on how we allotment data and your rights to opt-out of assertive abstracts administration practices.

Like abounding agenda companies, the MyFitnessPal adaptable appliance and website are congenital application altered technologies and account providers. Because of this, we are clumsy to action a atypical way to opt-out. However, step-by-step OPT-OUT instructions for all your available options are listed below. You may additionally appointment our Privacy Policy for additional information accompanying to your privacy.

But First, Some Ambience About the Companies We Assignment With

The California Customer Aloofness Act (CCPA) requires a business to tell its California consumers how it shares their data, if their abstracts is “sold,” and accommodate means for users to opt-out of (or “turn off”) the sale of their data. “Sold” and “sale” in this case doesn’t mean providing abstracts in barter for money- we don’t do that. “Sold” instead agency casual data, including abstruse accessory data, to another company that ability use that abstracts for its own purposes, such as for advertising.

Our Account Providers

We may aggregate your Claimed Abstracts back you appoint with the MyFitnessPal service (website or app) and the associated online communities. This includes back you bang on advertisements, collaborate with our social media pages, abide content, leave reviews, or contrarily enter information into animadversion fields, blogs, bulletin boards, events, and other association forums affiliated with MyFitnessPal.

Companies That Use Abstracts At Atomic Partially For Their Own Purposes

When we allotment abstracts with companies that use abstracts at atomic partially for their own purposes (for example, for assertive targeted advertising) it is considered a “sale” of advice beneath the CCPA. This occurs primarily with companies complex in online announcement and accompanying services.

The What:

Opting Out of Alone and Targeted Advertising

We affectation announcement on MyFitnessPal. In adjustment to accomplish relevant advertising and business agreeable appear, some advice is passed beyond our account providers to third parties.

Here’s how it works: When you accessible the MyFitnessPal app or appointment our website, we ascertain some advice about you, your device, and your usage of our services. We accelerate out a arresting to our ad-serving partners containing this data. Those apprenticed account providers again allotment and match that arresting up with third parties and companies who would like to reach consumers and users like you. This all happens in the time it takes to amount a web folio or accessible the adaptable app.

MyFitnessPal Annual Holder

If you use and accept an annual with MyFitnessPal and ambition to opt-out of personalized advertising, amuse see instructions in the “Limiting Cookies and Added Tracking Technologies,” “Opt-out of Accordant and Useful Ads,” “_Change Your Accessory Settings_” sections below.

Non-Account Holder

If you ambition to opt-out of companies application abstracts for personalized advertising, amuse see instructions in the “_Limiting Accolade and Other Tracking Technologies_” section below.

Opting Out of Practices Associated with Visiting Our Website:

When you appointment our websites, alike if you don’t log in or actualize an account, we aggregate and abundance bound information. We may use cookies and use added tracking technologies (such as web beacons) or identifiers (such as IP address) as acclaimed in our Privacy Policy. Account holders and Non-account holders can appointment the “Limiting Cookies and Added Tracking Technologies” section beneath for instructions on how to opt-out and absolute assertive tracking.

The How:

Limiting Accolade and Added Tracking Technologies

  • Cookie Accord and Cookie Opt-out: We accommodate easy-to-use tools across our websites that advice you administer altered types of cookies, including accolade accompanying to business and advertising. If you are located in the European Abutment or Affiliated Kingdom, we will ask for consent for this blazon of tracking back you aboriginal appointment the MyFitnessPal website. For users in added locations, you can access and administer your choices by attractive for the “Cookie Preferences” links in our footers. Aloof bang on this articulation and baddest “More Information.” Here, you can opt-down or out of assertive categories of tracking. You can additionally opt-out of specific vendors by selecting “Advanced Settings” and “View Cookies.” Save your alternative by clicking “Submit Preferences.” Amuse agenda that you will still see advertising and business content, it aloof may not be as accordant to you.

  • Interest-Based Announcement Opt Outs, Choices, and Control: If you alive in the Affiliated States, Canada, or the European Union, you can visit Ad Choices (US), Your Ad Choices (Canada), or Your Online Choices (EU) to acquisition a convenient abode to opt-out of interest-based announcement with participating entities for anniversary region. Added advice is available in our Privacy Policy.

  • Clear Your Browser Accolade and Cache: You can additionally regularly clear your browser accolade and accumulation to absolute how you are tracked on the MyFitnessPal website, as able-bodied as any added sites you may visit. Please agenda that allowance your accolade will additionally displace your prior given cookie preferences on our site. Amuse see the following instructions for how to annul your accolade from your browser:

Opt-out of Accordant and Advantageous Ads

For added advice on this affection amuse see our FAQs. Please agenda that axis this affection off will not abolish advertising. It will absolute what abstracts is acclimated to appearance to those ads.

  • To opt out of personalized, targeted announcement on web, please visit the settings page. Baddest “personalization” and uncheck the Relevant & Advantageous Announcement option.

  • To opt out of personalized, targeted announcement in the adaptable app, please appointment the added card (…) again baddest “Privacy Center.” Choose “Personalization” and uncheck the “Relevant & Advantageous Advertising” option.

Changing Your Accessory Settings

Mobile Accessory Absolute Ad Tracking Settings - Ascendancy how your mobile advertising IDs are used.

  • iOS - Accessible the Settings App > Tap Aloofness > Annal and tap Advertising > Toggle on “Limit Ad Tracking.”

  • Android - Appointment Settings > Baddest Google > Baddest Ads > Toggle “Opt out of ads personalization.”

Other Means To Administer Your Data:

Unsubscribe From Email Marketing

If you would like to unsubscribe from email business amuse visit the Preference Center.

Delete Your Account

To annul your annual via the MyFitnessPal website, assurance in online at Already you’ve logged in, click “My Home” > “Settings” > “Delete Account.”

To annul your annual via the MyFitnessPal adaptable application:

  • iOS – Go to “More” > “Help” > “Delete Account.”

  • Android – Go to “Menu” > “Help” > “Delete Account.”

If you can no best admission your account, amuse ability out to our Customer Beatitude aggregation for assistance. Added advice can be found in the 'Contact Us' section below.

Please agenda that already you annul your account, it cannot be recovered. In addition, agenda that it may booty our outbound email arrangement up to 72 hours to abolish you from our email rotation.

Access Your Data

Our book consign affection allows you to consign your meal akin nutrition details, advance history, and exercise history. Exceptional users may use this affection to see their advice in Excel and added abstracts programs, perform custom assay on their information, book out their information, or allotment their advice with addition else, such as a personal trainer.

This book consign affection can be accessed application both the MyFitnessPal website and app. To download a archetype of your fettle and wellness data:

  • Website – From the “Home” screen, bang on the “Reports” button in the capital card bar. Next, bang the blooming “Export” button from the “Charts and Reports” screen. Beat on this button will booty you to the “Export Information” screen, area you can affirm your email address and accept your date ambit for the export. Then, bang once more on the blooming “Export” button.

  • iOS – There are two means to admission the book consign affection on the MyFitnessPal iOS app. From the “Home” screen, you can either (1) tap on “More” in the card > “Nutrition” > tap on “Export” in the top appropriate bend of the screen, or (2) tap on “Progress” in the menu > tap on “Export” in the top larboard bend of the screen. For both of these methods, already you tap on “Export”, you will be taken to the “Export Information” screen, area you’ll be asked to confirm your email abode and accept a date ambit for the export. Then, tap on the “Export” button.

  • Android – There are two means to admission the book consign feature on the MyFitnessPal Android app. From the “Home” screen, either (1) tap on “Nutrition” in the card > tap on the “Export” figure in the top appropriate bend of the screen, or (2) tap on “Progress” in the menu > tap on the “Export” in the top appropriate bend of the screen next to the “ ” icon. For both of these methods, already you tap on the “Export” icon, you will be taken to the “File Export” screen, where you’ll be asked to affirm your email abode and accept a date range for the export. Then, tap on the “Export” button.

For anniversary of these methods, you will accept an email from MyFitnessPal with a articulation to download your files. Your advice will be downloaded as a set of .CSV files central of a zip file. We acclaim downloading the files on a computer instead of a adaptable device. For added information on exporting your files and on .CSV files generally, amuse analysis the Data Export FAQs.

If you can no best admission your account, or would like to abide a Subject Admission Request, amuse ability out to our Chump Beatitude team for assistance. Added advice can be begin in the ‘_Contact Us_’ section below.

Verifying Requests

We assets the appropriate to appraise requests and adapt our verification process on a case-by-case basis. Our accepted processes are as follows:

Users charge ability out to us anon from a absolute email address, pass a claiming response, and/or affirm advice associated with the account.

Please note, MyFitnessPal will not anon annual automatic or triggered rights requests from third affair companies after added verification directly from the user, affidavit that the user has fabricated this request, and proof that the user owns the account.

Contact Us

You can acquaintance us as defined beneath or as defined in our Privacy Policy. To facilitate or