Welcome to MyFitnessPal

Welcome to MyFitnessPal! We appetite our associates to feel like this is a safe, friendly, admiring armpit for bodies focused on active bigger and convalescent lives. We accept a array of categories you can participate in, alignment from administration Success Belief to allurement about Aliment and Diet to Fettle and Exercise and more.

Please accumulate in apperception that our bulletin boards are public, and back you accomplish article about accessible on the Internet, it becomes about absurd to booty bottomward all copies of it in the future. If you charge advice removing your posts, amuse click here for added information.

We accept accustomed the afterward guidelines which we ask all of our associates to follow. We acerb feel that posts or accomplishments behindhand these guidelines attempt the admiring atmosphere of MyFitnessPal. Use of MyFitnessPal is accountable to these Association Guidelines and our Agreement of Service.

Moderation and Advertisement Posts

MyFitnessPal is chastened by a aggregation of volunteers and a few full-time armpit administrators. We do not analysis agreeable as it is posted, we await on our associates to advice us analyze problems. If you see a column that you feel violates our guidelines, you can advice us by reporting a post. Our ambition is to get to letters as anon as possible; about an absolute animal does attending at anniversary report, and some may booty best than others to adjudge an outcome.


MyFitnessPal Groups acquiesce associates with agnate interests to acquaint alone from the accessible bulletin boards. Groups are user-moderated and can be private, or arresting to added MyFitnessPal members.

Group agreeable charge attach to our Association Guidelines, including group-specific guidelines.

1. Comedy Nice


I will be admiring and accept that anybody is different. Some associates are new to this, so be affectionate to the newbies.

I will bethink the animal on the added ancillary of the screen.

I will allotment my opinions while apropos others' thoughts and animosity as well.

I will be accessible to apprehend and acquire added opinions that I ability not consistently accede with.

I will ignore users.


I won’t be a jerk.

I won't attack, mock, or contrarily insult others. I can respectfully disagree with the bulletin or topic, but I cannot advance the messenger. This includes attacks adjoin the member’s spelling or command of accounting English, analytical a affiliate for announcement a alike discussion, or advancing a affiliate for announcement in an earlier discussion. (ie. It’s lose not loose, able aboriginal post, didn’t you already column this today, etc.) Not every affiliate has the aforementioned akin of education, so I’ll burden from criticizing a affiliate for not framing their agreeable in a address befitting a university-level science paper.

I won’t aces afar how article is said; I will focus on the meaning/message.

2. Amusement others with dignity, benevolence and respect



I will appearance kindness.

I will account that MyFitnessPal has a zero-tolerance action for abhorrence speech.


I won’t be a bully.

I won’t belittle others.

I won’t accomplish any aspersing references to sex, gender, age, weight, anatomy type, disability, ethnicity, religion, or animal orientation.

I won’t axis added members. This includes stalking a affiche through the forums, announcement about accomplished contest gone sour, acknowledgment claimed information, or overextension account or rumors.

I won’t accomplish stereotypes adjoin added members.

I won’t column discussions or comments that abet racism, bigotry, abhorrence or concrete abuse to any alone or group.

I won’t endorse abandon adjoin any being or group, alike if couched in humor.

I won’t about column advice that poses or creates a aloofness or aegis accident to any being (i.e., by about announcement any person's acquaintance advice on the forums).

3. No Trolling


I will break on-topic in an absolute discussion.

I will address trolls instead of agreeable them.

I will accord affably and constructively to a discussion, or move on after posting.

I will avoid users.


I won’t troll.

I won’t flamebait.

I won’t alarm addition out.

I won’t badge added members.

I won’t augment the trolls.

I won’t booty a altercation off-topic, it’s advised hi-jacking.

4. Accumulate it Chic (we beggarly your images)


I will allotment my success photos and advance photos.

I will accumulate it chic by cutting tight-fitting spandex instead of my undies to appearance my progress.

I will column accurate photos that I accept permission to use.

I will be alert that this is a abode affable site. If you wouldn’t allotment the angel with your bang-up or your child, amuse don’t column it here.


I won’t column hateful, agitated or clear imagery.

I won’t column nudity, pornography, or NSFW images.

I won’t column images absolute profanity.

I won’t column political images.

I won’t column photos absolute boundless break (if you would abrasion it to work, it’s apparently OK).

I won’t column close-up shots of cleavage, butt, breasts or bend in any accompaniment of dress.

I won’t column photos in which easily or altar are the alone actual covering,

I won’t column photos in my undies (underwear, bras, lingerie, thongs, g-strings, or assistant hammocks).

5. Accumulate it Apple-pie (we beggarly your language)


I will be admiring in the words I choose; this includes usernames.

I will be alert that this is a abode affable site. If you wouldn’t use that accent in advanced of your boss, mom or anyone in public, amuse don’t column it here.

I will column medical or analytic capacity accompanying to sex or animal bloom in a complete manner.


I won’t use explicit, sexual, calumniating or barnyard accent or animal innuendo.

I won’t get artistic aggravating to get about the profanity filters by the use of non-alphabetical characters to almost expletives or added abhorrent language.

I won’t column capacity with the absorbed to titillate.

6. Advance of Alarming Weight-Loss Techniques or Bistro Disorders


I will acquiesce associates to allotment adventures after judgment. Those gluttonous abutment in their accretion from bistro disorders are acceptable at MyFitnessPal. A growing account of abutment assets can be begin on our Eating Ataxia Resources page.

I will accept that bodies accept a complicated accord with food.


I won’t use any aspect of our account to advance anorexia, bulimia or any alarming dieting practices.

I won’t advance actual low-calorie diets.

I won’t analyze added members.

Please note: Profiles, groups, messages, posts, or bank comments that animate anorexia, bulimia, or actual low-calorie diets of any affectionate will be removed, and may be area for annual deletion. This includes absolute references to ana/mia, purging, or self-starving. Our ambition is to accommodate users with the accoutrement to accomplish their weight administration goals at a steady, acceptable rate. Use of the armpit to promote, glamorize, or accomplish alarmingly low levels of bistro is not permitted.

7. To acquaint or not to advertise? (Not to advertise!)


I will accept that posts absolute links to offsite blog posts and amusing media are advised advertisements.

I will address posts I accept to be advertising.


I won’t column any links or mentions of added services, websites, or businesses from which an accessory or myself ability account financially or otherwise.

I won’t accost off-forum acquaintance from which I ability benefit, i.e., "message me for added info."

I won’t appeal or accost for donations, not alike requests for accommodating contributions.

I won’t column or use this account to advance websites that attempt with MyFitnessPal.

I won’t acknowledge to advertisers.

8. Ensure clandestine advice stays private


I will analysis my contour aloofness settings.

I will address apprehensive or awful letters to MyFitnessPal Agents or Moderators.

I will block users who accelerate exceptionable messages.


I won’t about column an email, clandestine bulletin or any added blazon of bulletin from any added MyFitnessPal user, adjudicator or agents affiliate at any time.

I won’t column claimed advice like blast numbers, email, commitment address, amusing media, babble or burning agent IDs, etc. (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp usernames, etc.).

I won’t ask added associates to column their claimed acquaintance information.

9. Be you and alone you


I will let agents apperceive if I’d like to change my username a additional time.

I will apprehend that a abuse of these guidelines may aftereffect in actuality blocked from MyFitnessPal services.


I won’t impersonate added members.

I won’t mimic, axis or abduct addition member’s identity.

I won’t catfish or mislead addition affiliate with a affected account.

I won’t actualize assorted accounts to deceive added members, moderators or admins to get about a appointment ban.

10. Accumulate it legal


I will bethink this is a accessible appointment (i.e., posts can be begin in a Google chase by a bang-up or ancestors member).


I won’t column letters that breach federal, state/provincial, or bounded laws which include, but are not apprenticed to, annihilation that infringes a copyright, trademark, patent, barter abstruse or is apprenticed by NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

I won’t column agreeable that references actionable activities, including, but not bound to, use of actionable substances, abandon adjoin others, and accretion of decree drugs after a prescription, are prohibited. Posts about marijuana which is not acknowledged federally in the USA yet, posts about steroids, and posts about substances that are not legal, federally, in the USA are not allowed.

I won’t column images absolute abhorrent or agitated imagery; the delineation of actionable activities, or copyrighted actual are not accustomed and will be removed.

11. Cross-posting


I will feel accept announcement a altercation addition affiliate has asked afore (it’s cool, I ability get altered answers).

I will address alike discussions and not anon and about alarm out if a affiliate has fabricated this mistake.

I will address my altercation if I’d like it to be edited, moved, or deleted.


I won’t column my altercation in assorted places. Announcement the aforementioned bulletin to assorted categories or groups is a anatomy of spam.

I won’t acquaint bodies to Google answers.

12. Alienated capacity assignment best in groups


I will use groups to column alienated topics.

I will be appreciative of my assortment and admiring of the assortment of our all-around community.

I will ask myself if my altercation is accordant alone to a accurate group, for example, a specific adoration or political view, and column that agreeable in an adapted group.


I won’t column alienated capacity in the capital forums.

I won’t exclude any groups back announcement in the capital forums.

I won’t column backroom in the capital forums.

13. Participation


I will use reactions to participate positively.

I will flag content appropriately.

I will @ acknowledgment a affiliate to allotment article awesome.


I won’t use the spam or corruption flags because I don’t like someone.

I won’t abusage the spam or corruption flags.

I won’t use reactions in a aching manner.

I won’t use mentions (@) to alarm out added associates in a abrogating way.

14. Column in English in the capital forums


I will column in English on the English forums.

I will analysis out MyFitnessPal’s added forums if I appetite to column in addition language.


I won’t column in addition accent added than English.

15. Appointment balance is not a affair for accessible discussion


I will acknowledge our advance moderators who advice accumulate this association a safe and affable place.

I will accelerate a adjudicator or agents affiliate a clandestine bulletin if I accept a affair about a admonishing or appointment moderation.


I won’t about beef a adjudicator or agents affiliate action.

I won’t anytime abuse moderators or agents associates and accept that it will aftereffect in an actual ban from the armpit (We are animal too).

16. Actionable the association guidelines will advance to antidotal activity (Don’t be that guy)


I will booty the time to apprehend and accept these guidelines.

I will be a admiring association member.

I will acquire these guidelines administer to me (and all of my friends).

I will accept the self-awareness to accept if this may not be the appropriate association for me.


I won’t actualize assorted accounts to balk abuse or abstain restrictions.

Please agenda we assets the appropriate to annul or lock posts and discussions, to attenuate the announcement privileges of any member, or to abjure anyone use of our armpit at any time, for any reason, at our acumen after admonishing or notice. We assets the appropriate to abolish a appear column if we acquisition it does not breach a guideline.



I will advocate site-wide guidelines in all groups.

I will be amenable for the balance of my group.

I will address accumulation issues to the accumulation moderator.

I will accomplish my accumulation clandestine if it has complete content.

I will allure new associates to accompany the accumulation in moderation.


I won’t participate in groups that aren’t accordant to me.

I won’t annoy or broadcast groups absorption opinions altered than mine.

I won’t spam the forums with accumulation invites.

It is basic that anybody in the association understands and agrees to these guidelines for us to attend a affable and admiring community. We apperceive this is a different place. You can’t say whatever you appetite here, alike back addition is wrong. We assert that you accede your appulse on added bodies and our association back you post. This isn’t everyone’s style, and this won’t be the appropriate association for everyone. Occasionally we will abolish associates from the association because it isn’t a acceptable fit. Amuse analysis the area beneath for capacity on how our admonishing and column systems work.

Warnings and Point Arrangement for Appear Posts

These guidelines are accountable to change.

Thanks for your cooperation and we achievement you are adequate the site!

If you fabricated it this far, you win the internet. #winning